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Welcome to the Premium Section of Tone It Up! Become a member and immediately receive your Meal Plan with our Nutrition Method to increase your metabolism, gain energy, glow from within and achieve your Dream Body!

You'll also immediately receive the BIKINI PROGRAM! 8 weeks, laid out for you... meal by meal! 
  • The Tone It Up Nutrition Program & Membership
  • 8 Week Bikini Program
  • Beach Babe 3 DVD & Digital Download
  • Beach Babe 2 DVD & Digital Download
  • NEW Perfect Fit Tea
  • Perfect Fit Multivitamins
  • Coral Trimr Shaker Bottle
  • *your plan is emailed to you as a digital download.


We all share these common goals; to feel energized, confident, beautiful and healthy, so let's do this together! Thousands of women have found success with Tone It Up, and so will you! The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan will transform your physique, boost your metabolism and help you gain control of your body, your health, and most importantly, your life.


  • The Tone It Up® Nutrition Program
  • BONUS 5 Day Slim Down ~ a tasty cleanse to get you Beach Ready
  • BONUS 7 Day Slim Down for photoshoots and events
  • Choose from Regular, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan & MORE!
  • 350+ Tone It Up Approved Recipes
  • Exclusive Weekly Members Only Newsletter
  • Access to the Members Only Group (no further cost)
  • Free Updates to Plan & New Recipes (no further cost)
  • ALL past and future Special Editions. There are 6 TOTAL! (no further cost)
  • Bridal Edition & Wedding Slimdown for that special day!
  • Beach Babe Edition ~ a team favorite that's sweet & tropical!
  • Measurement Guide and Chart to track your progress.
  • Grocery List to help you make the best choices
  • *** We are sending you your plan as an e-book so you can get started right away. You can download it on your iPhone, iPad, Computer, and take it with you anywhere! Plus you’ll get all future updates sent to you you. Easy access, no hassle babe!

 WARNING: Your Friends and Family may be asking why you’re glowing and in such an amazing mood.

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